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Want to Manage Team Remotely?

MyDSR allows you to manage the team remotely without any hassle. You can check the daily tasks performed by the individual team member and you have the right to Approve or Disapprove the DSR. Even if team is working from Home, Managers can keep an eye on each and every task performed by the resources and check the actual time spend on the task. In simple words the key benefit of MyDSR is to Manage “Work From Home resources” conveniently.

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you can manage everything in one place with vast variety of features. Manage Leads, Projects, Resources, Not only this, you can generate Invoices and can also create Payment Milestones, check paid and track Upcoming Payment Milestones in just one click.

Time to Boost Productivity and Increase Profits

With the help of MyDSR, you can finish projects on time by seeing the real time status of the project and this will certainly boost the productivity resulting in increased profits. Delivering project on time is the most important factor which effects the overall profits, so to ease your work, we have introduced MyDSR which is efficient and profitable software for delivering projects successfully.

Senior Managers

Organize, Collaborate And Get More Done

Want to improve the productivity of your business? Then must take the assistance of a tool that provides an organized platform to seniors for collaborating, sharing and performing in a better way. And, here our Senior Management software comes into picture.


Let’s Manage – Promptly, Efficiently and Reliably

Bring more visibility in the management process. You can save your time from the management process and devote it to implementing crucial tasks in the team. Empower your team, build strong strategies and manage everything smoothly.

HR Management

Focus on Peoplework not PAPERWORK

Automate your hiring process and recruit deserving candidates at the right positions with ease. Quick search candidate, organized hiring module, fast decision and much more. The HR management module helps you to get quality resources and win more deals.

Effective Utilization of Workforce

Allocate task to resources as per there expertise and skill set. You can assign individual task to the each resource by creating separate task this will result in effective utilization of the workforce.

Financially Viable and most judicious to procure our product at the cost as low as the cost of entertaining with tea to your staff

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