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Do You Use A Project Management Plan?

When it comes to project management software, most people consider it a project schedule tool only. But it is more than just a project scheduling tool. In most general cases, new project managers get confused about building a plan for project management with the project schedule. In real words, the project schedule is the list of tasks required to complete the project successfully; although it’s simple to intermix the terms as stakeholders often ask about the “plan.”

The key components of the project management plan involve:

  • Critical Success Factors and KPI
  • Need management plan
  • Scope Statement
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Stakeholder management plan
  • Budget management
  • Risk and issue management
  • Schedule management
  • Quality management
  • Communication management plan
  • Resource and staffing plan
  • Procurement plan

Under which conditions the best project management software come up as a turning point:

  • When you are handling a large project with multiple work streams leads responsible for communication and coordination
  • When you are managing a program with multiple project managers and workstreams.
  • In consulting projects, the client project manager has requirements for the delivery team and the processes have to be clarified and communicated

For all these reasons, it would be pretty beneficial to build a strong project plan and explore the advanced features of the best project management software.

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