Best Project Management Tool

Stay Focused To Achieve Your 2021 Business Resolutions

Productivity is the key to achieving the resolutions you take for your business growth. But in today’s overflow of the latest information or media, it can be easy to get diverted and even overwhelmed. Thus, it becomes essential to consider the best way to stay focused to enhance productivity and achieve the utmost success in business.

Well, the most effective and reliable method for the same purpose is exploring the best project management tool that can leave you so organized on getting everything you require to be completed that you forget about your business future goals and resolutions.

How A Project Management Tool Can Help You To Boost Productivity?

Perhaps, you may ask how a project management tool can help you in improving productivity. Here are the remarkable factors that can give you evidence on how this tool can help you in operating your business successfully:

  • Strong project planning effortlessly
  • Better collaboration options
  • Smooth project scheduling
  • Better integration of members working on the project
  • Efficient communication between members

With that being said, the best project management tool comes up with productive benefits for a business whether small scale or medium scale.


Should I Invest In Task Management Software?


In operating a business successfully, you have to manage a plethora of data. From concerns to incidents, to work orders and customer service requests — your team has to communicate and deal a lot of information. It can be overwhelming, particularly if you are working on multiple tools to manage each feature. But, that’s not all. The most challenging of them often affect our business future. In order to systemize tasks and get fruitful results, they need competent management. And, here task management software makes a mark.

What is Task Management Software?

Task management software is a set of programs that are mainly designed to manage a particular task from the idea development to its completion. The major objective of building this software is to streamline and automate the coordination of different business tasks. Team management software has the capability to enhance team’s productivity, improve team collaboration, meeting project deadlines and assists to work smoothly

Task Management Software for Small Business

Task Management Software Helps Businesses

Here is the list of remarkable benefits of task management software that bring great results in small businesses:

Centralize All Business Activity:

One of the biggest benefits you can utilize with task tracking software is it enables you to integrate and manage all tools and activities in one place and eliminate the requirement of remembering multiple user names, passwords, URLs, and much more. It omits the risk of information being deleted or lost which can immensely enhance the efficiency of the work your team is carrying out daily. Task management software allows all of your projects and processes on one big, user-friendly platform. You can track all client activity throughout your team.

Prioritize Each Project tasks

Usually, it seems easy to conclude which task is more important than the other. But in this particular process, there are high chances to get lost when you have much work to prioritize. Understand it with a simple example, suppose you begin your workday in the morning and sometimes get lost at the end of small, low priority tasks, which leave the important ones for another day. Certainly, this will lead to missing deadlines or not getting the job performed the right way, and this is because of bad management. Here task management software comes as an effective platform. It allows you to prioritize your tasks and get the most crucial ones out of the way swiftly and efficiently.

Access Data — Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device

Sometimes, we have to manage tasks and planned work outside the office or on weekends. In this case, it becomes essential you have access to all the important data you need to perform your work. Here also, task management software can help you. You can access this software anywhere anytime. With this unique feature of task management software, you can ignore the frustration of getting back to the workplace to get that necessary information. By just log-in from the comfort of your home, you can obtain the leverage to access all your essential data seamlessly.

Track Time Spent on Each task

To utilize greater productivity results, it is important to track every minute spent on each task by each employee. This will provide you a better understanding of what assignments require more time than usual so you can plan your next similar project accordingly. In addition to this, it is a fantastic method to evaluate employee productivity. For example, if one of your employees takes more time to perform a task than another one, you can think of reassigning tasks for highest productivity.

Well, this feature of task management software will not only help you in increasing productivity but this will help you in employees’ performance review process too. All these reasons depict the significance of task management software and make it a perfect choice to investment. But here the considerable thing is that you choose a feature-enriched and professionally designed software only. MyDSR is a leading organization that is developing powerful software at very economical prices. If you want to invest in the task management tool, you can get in touch with them.


Lets Streamline & Automate Your Invoice Management Process

Best Invoice Management Software for Small Business

Gone are the days when you have to manage the invoice approval process through paper works that almost take 25 days to process a single invoice. The process was full of challenges and required humans tracking down documents, verifying data, and obtaining in-persin approvals. All this entailed high possibility of human errors. But now you can optimize this process and make it more efficient & smooth with the help of MyDSR invoice management tool.

How MyDSR Invoice Management Tool Will Help You?

Every business owner wants a clear invoice approval process. Here MyDSR invoice management software makes a mark. It helps organizations in handling the process more efficiently and successfully. 

Capabilities of MyDSR Invoice Management software:

 Bring Accuracy In Invoice Management:

Invoice management software helps to bring accuracy in the entire process. This software carefully checks the products and services bills then again verifies the agreement. Not only this, such software looks over the amount and confirms whether it’s the exact that supplier was discussed. This way the entire invoice management process will go smoothly and rightly.

Vendor Details

Verify the vendor details re-check them with what you have in your system. This process normally involve the following tasks:

  • Check the vendor name
  • Verify tax ID number, and other important details.
  • Also, reconfirm the vendor’s payment modes and how you want to pay the invoice. 

Invoice Due Date

This is one of the essential tasks performed by the software. It verifies the invoice due date and makes an entry subsequently. Some vendors choose to give offers for payment. What such a tool does, if these offers are available, they fix an appointment to save extra bucks. 

Payment Date

Check the payment date. Automatically schedule the payment in your invoice management system before the due date. This way, you will never face the problem of penalties if any problem occurs.

You can perform these activities and grab the chance to utilize the best benefits! Don’t spend more time. Think wisely! Take a step to minimize invoice mistakes and invest in MyDSR invoice system. 


Team Management Software for Small Business

Why Does Investing In Team Management Tools Worth?

If you ask a business owner, what is the most essential thing for him, probably his answer will be to enhance productivity. For enhancing productivity, a company needs to focus on project management tasks. The entire project should be handled in a professional manner, the deadlines of every project should be delivered on time. How will this be feasible? The answer is If you are managing your team, team members in an efficient manner. And for that you need to look into the best Team Management Software for small business.

What Is Team Management Software?

Team Management is a rule based software that is designed to improve team management process.The major objective of this software is streamlining and automating task management processes so that you can evaluate the team’s work. This evaluation helps you in many ways that come up as the benefit of team management software.

What Are The Benefits Of Team Management Software?

Agile Task Management:

Team Management Software helps to manage agile tasks. If you are not using the team management tool, it’s a high possibility that your team missed deadlines due to low work efficiency. It also may be possible it becomes hard for you to manage complete work, accessing team performance and billing clients.

Hence, this tool plays a vital role in performing all such tasks easily.  What exactly this tool will do:

  • Manage The To-do lists
  • Prioritize the tasks
  • Remind upcoming deadlines
  • Insert upcoming activities

Delegating tasks – Support the managers to assign and delegate tasks to team members

Shared tasks – Allow sharing tasks. It depicts when a team member adds a new task to their to-do list, they can assign it to team members. Tasks will highlight on everyone’s task list, and they can work on it together. 

Automated meeting scheduling – Rather than lengthy email correspondence with the customer you want to meet with, you can find a mutually suitable meeting time in a few clicks.

With that being said , you can collaborate your team, outfox competitors and come many steps ahead of them. What all you need to do, get in touch with a reliable company that can build a customized team management software as per your business requirements.


Perks Of Investing In Project Management Tool

Project Management Tool – Provide leverage To Access Great Benefits

It goes without saying, the project management tool drives fantastic results in the business in terms of management, productivity and revenue. But there are a few people who are still in dilemma whether they should invest here or not. Although without this tool, perhaps you can handle your business projects but when it comes to perfection and accuracy, you have to believe in the Project Management tool.

There is a long list of outstanding benefits you can only utilize by choosing a reliable project management tool, i.e.

Streamline & Automate Project Management Process:

Project Management tool enables you to streamline and automated different manual tasks in the business. You can keep the things on track and reduce delays in delivering projects to a great extent.

Collaborate on Projects

Collaboration on projects is considered the most difficult task for project managers. This tool offers a reliable platform to collaborate on projects. This helps employees to build a strong communication on projects, share the documents seamlessly, and update status hassle-free.

Improve Communication With Customers

The project management tool also decreases the communication barrier. It helps you to stay in touch with your customers and quickly resolve their queries if any. This way you can deliver improved customer services.

Efficient Budget Management

Every organization wants to save extra bucks without compromising the performance. That’s what you can get with project management software. It gives an efficient budget management approach. It helps managers prevent keeping track of everything in real-time and prevent the project cost from skyrocketing.

A smart organization always believes in investing in project management tools. But make sure you choose a right tool that is capable enough to offer you all required features in the way you want. MyDSR is on top in this list.


Pocket Friendly Project Management Software in India

There is no denying the fact that project management software has become wildly popular nowadays, and that means there are multiple options to choose from. Whether you are seeking an easy way to create tasks or a powerful, enterprise-grade system, there’s a reliable project management tool for everyone. However, with so many available options, picking the most reliable project management (PM) tool can be complicated, and people may not know where to start.

Well, if you are looking for pocket-friendly PM software in India, MyDSR is one of the perfect solutions for you. There are a number of features that make this software best to use, for example:

MyDSR is an amazing tool to manage the entire team for their tasks & responsibilities. It comes with the following salient features:

• Helps to avoid misunderstanding & knowing who to delegate new tasks
• Prioritize different activities and systematize the complete business processes
• Outline all upcoming activities and assign tasks to team members
• Create a team calendar for scheduling and organizing meetings
• Make file sharing, shared calendars and contact lists process simpler
• Enhance team communication
• Make all data accessible at one place
• Automate the reporting process
• Schedule project resources seamlessly

This is the power of MyDSR Project Management tool that is available at pocket-friendly proces. If you are interested in it, let us know!


Benefits of Project Management Software

Do Your Business Need Project Management Software?

As the modern workplace remains to grow, so too does the fragile art of project management. Gone are the days of moving post-it records across whiteboards; now companies are on the lookout for the most productive and of course budget-friendly tools, as they attempt to streamline their workflow perfectly.

The good news is that the best project management tool ticks all these boxes. Despite the business or the more extensive industry, it can be customized as per the specific demands of any company.

On top of that, there are numerous benefits of project management software that make it the ideal option to choose. Out of a long list of benefits, here we are mentioning some of them that help you to understand its importance:

  • Enhance the visibility of progress across all projects
  • Help you to keep a real-time record of all projects
  • Share project status in real-time
  • Keep a real-time track of projects’ budget
  • Improve decision-making capability for projects

Now, you say, would you really invest in project management software? We will suggest to you yes! The benefits of project management software help your business to grow more and enable you to achieve all your business goals.


Best Project Management Software in Mohali

The Best Project Management Software In Mohali

Whether it’s a large scale or small scale businesses, undoubtedly they all juggle multiple projects, plans, tasks, and people. Having the right software can help them keep everything prepared while planning and operating projects, in a way that is reliable, expected, and most importantly beneficial.

To understand all these factors, MyDSR comes with a professionally designed tool acknowledged as the best project management software in Mohali. This software can help you not only in project scheduling but also in project planning without taking the headache of paperwork or managing other components.

Features Of MyDSR Project Management Tool:

The unique features that make MyDSR superior to other available project management tools are:

  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive detail of the project at one place
  • Build successful project plans and schedules
  • Authority to take required action
  • Keep a real-time record of every project
  • Reduce the need for documents or additional paperwork
  • A smooth communication process between responsible members
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Responsive design

Isn’t it a cool option to choose for managing different projects in an efficient and smooth manner? Yes, it is! Without wasting more time, involve this feature-rich software in your business and take it to the next-level.


Best Project Management Software India

Do You Use A Project Management Plan?

When it comes to project management software, most people consider it a project schedule tool only. But it is more than just a project scheduling tool. In most general cases, new project managers get confused about building a plan for project management with the project schedule. In real words, the project schedule is the list of tasks required to complete the project successfully; although it’s simple to intermix the terms as stakeholders often ask about the “plan.”

The key components of the project management plan involve:

  • Critical Success Factors and KPI
  • Need management plan
  • Scope Statement
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Stakeholder management plan
  • Budget management
  • Risk and issue management
  • Schedule management
  • Quality management
  • Communication management plan
  • Resource and staffing plan
  • Procurement plan

Under which conditions the best project management software come up as a turning point:

  • When you are handling a large project with multiple work streams leads responsible for communication and coordination
  • When you are managing a program with multiple project managers and workstreams.
  • In consulting projects, the client project manager has requirements for the delivery team and the processes have to be clarified and communicated

For all these reasons, it would be pretty beneficial to build a strong project plan and explore the advanced features of the best project management software.