Manage Less, Do More

Bring automation in task management with professionally designed MyDSR software. Organize your tasks smoothly and get more done. Help you in improving efficiency, quality, and accountability.

Collaborate, Organized & Focused with MyDSR

No need to shuffle between spreadsheets, emails or other components. Manage your projects, build strong project plans and focus on what matters. MyDSR gives you visibility to identify all project details at one place.

Access Employees’ Time From Anywhere, Anytime

Let’s plan and utilize your time more efficiently. Identify where employees are spending time. Track your employees productivity from anywhere, anytime or on any device.

Report Management

Keep Project Reports Bundled Together

Empowers you to track the reports of any project remotely. Utilize a technology driven process of monitoring & presenting report details regarding the completed hours for a project.

Leave Management:

Stay Managed, Stay Productive

A smart approach to keep a track of employees’ presence and absence. Enhance visibility into team’s leave schedule to ensure resource availability for work.


Advance Your Hiring Process

Are you still using the traditional method to record the candidates for an interview? Automate your hiring process and refine the candidate searches for interviews.


Automate Invoices, Reduce Complexities

Customize your invoice generation and reduce the possibility of any error. Generate professional invoices without any paperwork & complexity.


Transparent Financial System Leads To More Profits

MyDSR is a smart approach to manage your project finance status transparently. Just select the ‘project’ and get the complete details about your Milestones, Payments or Expenses for that particular project.